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Adamson M12 - A/P

Art.: GH007A
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Kevlar ND12 & 1,4" exit HF, Active/Passive switchable monitor


M 12
The incredibly lightweight Adamson M12 monitor delivers everything you need in a low profile stage monitor: fantasticgain before feedback, precise pattern control and high output with extremely low distortion. Together, the symmetrical trapezoid design and the 65° x 65° waveguide, allow any two cabinets to operate as a
mirrored pair. The M12 exhibits remarkably low distortion thanks to the qualities of its advanced multilayer Kevlar cone driver. Adamson’s first lightweight, long-excursion 12” Kevlar Neodymium driver supplies exceptional power handling with
outstanding mid frequency response, ideal for demanding vocal performance.
Adamson’s Advanced Cone Architecture dramatically increases the linearized mid-range response by reducing the radial and chaotic modes in the ND12’s passband. The Kevlar cone design also enforces extreme durability in wet conditions making the M12 an ideal solution for outdoor events.


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