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Adamson Point 8 - P

Art.: GH002A
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Passive, ND8 LF & 1" exit HF


The Point 8 is the smallest box in the Point Series family, yet it packs a lot of punch for its size. It will be right at home with speech systems or moderate level playback systems, but is still powerful enough to take on jazz bands and other lighter live music.

The Point 8 is available in passive and active versions. At its heart lies a single Adamson 8” ND8-LM 16Ù Neodymium Kevlar driver, and 1” Exit HF Driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide. The point 8’s rotatable 90° x 60° waveguide offers a defined coverage pattern, and its hexagon shape allows use as a monitor without any additional adjustments. The minute Point 8 Sensitivity (2.83V @1m) measures an impressive 93.64dB in the LMF section and 103.82dB in the HF section.


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