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Adamson Point 12 - A Box

Art.: GH001A
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Active, ND12 LF & 1,4" exit HF


The Point 12 is the most versatile and offers both high fidelity and high SPL handling. The Point 12 is recommended where high SPL is needed with a moderate amount of low frequency energy. The Point 12 can take on just about any task, whether it be replay systems, live bands or speech systems. Its smaller size makes it a compact alternative to the Point 15, where maximum low frequency output isn’t needed.

The Point 12 is available in passive and active versions. The first Adamson 12” Neo-Kevlar design, the ND12 6Ù Neodymium Kevlar driver, and 1.4” exit HF Driver mounted on an Adamson fiberglass waveguide, give this remarkable cabinet its power.

The Point 12’s rotatable waveguide, available in 3 different options 40°x 20°, 60°x 40° or 90°x 60° offer a defined, yet flexible coverage pattern. The hexagon shape makes this 12” enclosure a slick stage-monitor without any additional adjustments..


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