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ND 8" LMF, B&C 1,5 HF, aluminium AIR rigging system included


The Adamson Metrix is an ultra compact 2 -way true line source array which provides unmatched clarity for speech reinforcement and medium SPL for smaller to mid-size venue installations, or for use as an under hang-, side-, front- or balcony fill cabinet in larger installations. The Metrix offers lighting fast rigging and multiple uses for touring applications of all sizes.

Similar to the high-end SpekTrix True Line Source Array Series, the Metrix encompasses a newly designed Adamson ND8-LM 8.5” Kevlar neodymium mid-low frequency driver optimized for this 2-way enclosure, and B&C’s brand new DE800 1.4” HF compression driver with an Adamson’s patented high frequency wave shaping chamber. The result is clear, clean high end, with a full and warm mid-range.

Metrix is an effective and economical choice for smaller installations in venues such as houses of worship, congress centers and for use at corporate gigs; where superior speech reinforcement, medium sound pressure levels, and exceptional clarity are a must. The Metrix makes for an impeccable main P.A system for smaller touring applications such as for theatre & dance companies, when used in conjunction with the Metrix double 15” sub woofer, as well as a front-, side-, or stage-fi ll box for full-sized touring applications.

Designed for use in arrays of six or more elements, each enclosure has a 5 degree vertical x 120 degrees horizontal coverage pattern.

The enclosure design complements the permanent installation market where sightline and visual distractions are not an option.

The Metrix Rigging Frame is powder coated aluminum with a single moveable pick point, and comes with Standard Metrix Stacking Plates in order to attain 3 degrees of negative angle and all necessary push pins.



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